A "photo journal" from the seat of my wheelchair



One Joyous Husky Day




Playing In The Leaves

Treeing Squirrels ~ Autumn Husky Fun

Husky Paws Crunching Through Autumn Leaves – Video

Sneaky Pussycat

Tightrope Walker

One of Our Resident Groundhogs

This fellow and a smaller one like him have accomplished an incredible amount of destruction on our property. He lives under our utility shed and has access within about 20 feet to the neighbor’s vegetable garden.

The smaller one has created a burrow/tunnel system under our driveway. The end of my accessible ramp collapsed revealing the burrow, which we filled in, then my husband put his foot through the driveway. There’s a 2 inch thick layer of stone combined with concrete powder between us and the burrow. We’re trying to capture them and relocate them, but thus far, they are just too slick for us, getting into the trap and stealing the bait, then wiggling back out.