A "photo journal" from the seat of my wheelchair

Other Interests

Festive Autumn Decorations

When I was growing up there was a woman who lived in our community who went out of her way to decorate for every season and holiday. Everyone called her “Peanut.” Her decorations were always tasteful and something everyone made a point to see.

In the community I live now, the woman who lives in this home always makes me think of the decorations “Peanut” displayed. I look forward to walking past her home every day to enjoy her porch.


Out of Commission for a Bit

I’m going to be absent for a little bit, I hope not long, as I had surgery on Monday, June 18 and I’m recuperating. Pain meds are making it difficult to stay focused and I’m currently not mobile, so no walks with “Kodi” and no new photographs for a while. I have a few I haven’t posted yet, so when I’m able to concentrate, I may post them… but for now, you’re all in my thoughts, not ignoring your lovely photographs or comments. 🙂

Do You Keep A Photographic Journal?

Part of my disability includes short term memory loss. I sometimes find it difficult to recall things when it comes time to put together a photo blog.

I recently bought a little journal and pen to keep in my camera bag. I made my first entry today regarding some ducks I photographed on the Creek this morning, two types of duck I’ve never seen in the wild.

When I opened the blank book I thought about how I should format my documentation.

Do you keep a photographic journal in which you log where, what and when you’ve photographed a subject? If you do, what kind of information do you include in your journal?

My First Framed Piece

This was my first framed piece of photographic work, given as a gift, to my friend Lee (shown here). She loves Ravens and had seen this shot online. I had an 11″x14″ print made, matted and framed it.

When Lee received it, she asked that I sign the mat and number the print. This was a huge moment for me. My first framed piece. 🙂

A Simple Nature Display

Christmas Light Abstract

We went for a ride to see our neighbor’s Christmas lights. I got some good shots, but something happened when I was taking this photograph, not sure what, but it was an interesting and kind of beautiful result. 🙂

Christmas in Brandon Park

The trees are lit in Brandon Park, Williamsport, PA. It’s a nice place to take a ride, to sit and feed the squirrels or to just reflect, read a book or play with your dog. I love the lights during the Holidays.