A "photo journal" from the seat of my wheelchair


Red-Tailed Hawk Portraits





I’ve been trying to get some good shots of one of these birds for a couple of years now. This fellow was sitting on a power line over the creek, presumably hunting. I saw him Saturday morning, but didn’t have my camera, so Sunday I was sure to take it with me and there he was again.

Is it an Alien or a Dinosaur?

This is a “Wheel Bug”, part of the Assassin Bug family. It eats other insects, including caterpillars. It has a fang on the front of its head that it uses to “stab” its prey. It WILL “stab” humans if it is handled casually or annoyed. The “stab” from its fang is very painful.

I encountered this strange looking creature on the bridge as we were crossing Sunday morning on our walk. I’ve never seen anything like this before, so I’m incredibly glad the shot came out so well.

Bud and Bloom



The bud and the bloom. The color is so vivid and rich. I always look forward to this bush blooming in the neighborhood.