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Blue Jay Visit




Passing Through



Red-Tailed Hawk Portraits





I’ve been trying to get some good shots of one of these birds for a couple of years now. This fellow was sitting on a power line over the creek, presumably hunting. I saw him Saturday morning, but didn’t have my camera, so Sunday I was sure to take it with me and there he was again.

The Goslings Are Here!!



A Hawk’s Eye View


I’m not sure what made me take my camera outside that day, two weeks ago, but once I was situated on my bench and Kodiak was playing, the hawk flew into the backyard and landed in the tree at the corner of the yard. He was obscured behind a branch, but I was able to get a couple nice shots of his head and eye. He stayed only a few moments, then flew off, up toward the hill where I spy him most often.

Soaring Wings


Every time I see this ‘guy’ I choke. I forget that I have the camera hanging around my neck. By the time I pull it up, he’s usually soared far from me, out of range. Today I was so in awe of watching him, I let him fly right over my head, just gliding beautifully. When I had shot three or four shots of the blue sky and nothing else, I caught him on the edge of frame. I cropped out the tree and sky to enlarge him a bit. I’m working on getting a good shot. I’m just so in awe of how beautiful he is, that I stare rather than snapping any shots… LOL


There They Go