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Blue Jay Visit




Elusive Blue Jay

Every time I tried to frame up and focus on one of the two Blue Jays we encountered during our walk, they would bounce out of frame and disappear between the limbs of the trees. I finally caught one of them, as it was ducking down. If I didn’t know better, I’d think these Blue Jays viewed me as unwanted paparazzi attention. LOL

Abstract Blue Jay

A beautiful Blue Jay was on the ground under a tree when I stopped to focus and snap a shot. Just as I depressed the shutter button two things happened, the Blue Jay jumped up to take flight and my dog, Kodiak tugged on my arm… this shot is the result. After looking at it on the computer I thought the lines, movement and colors were interesting.

Blue Jay Way

He came right to the yard in front of the deck, but saw “Kodi” on the deck and flew across the street, deep into the big pine tree on the corner. He stayed there for quite a while and I was able to take a series of pictures with different settings, but unfortunately, I was so excited at the opportunity to capture a Blue Jay I couldn’t keep the camera still… LOL But these are the best of my pictures, before he flew off.

Blue Jay