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A Creepy Morning Webslinger



Is it an Alien or a Dinosaur?

This is a “Wheel Bug”, part of the Assassin Bug family. It eats other insects, including caterpillars. It has a fang on the front of its head that it uses to “stab” its prey. It WILL “stab” humans if it is handled casually or annoyed. The “stab” from its fang is very painful.

I encountered this strange looking creature on the bridge as we were crossing Sunday morning on our walk. I’ve never seen anything like this before, so I’m incredibly glad the shot came out so well.

Mother-In-Law’s Quarters

If you look closely at this spider web, in the upper right area, there is another smaller spider web… attached to the larger main web. A ‘mother-in-law’s quarters’? LOL


Autumn is Exploding


Henry’s Marsh Moth Caterpillar

First Wooly-Bear of the Season

A Web of Autumn Colors